Commercial Remodeling

Don’t risk leaving your commercial remodeling projects electrical work to unlicensed amateur’s. Wade Electrical Group has the precision and reliability needed to get the job done.

Electrician for Commercial Remodeling

Commercial remodeling projects demand precision and reliability. Because the electrical components are a major factor of success, it’s vital to choose an electrician experienced in this area. Wade Electrical Group should be your electrician of choice in the greater DFW area.

What We Bring to Your Commercial Remodeling Job

You don’t want to leave commercial remodeling jobs to amateurs. There are too many places for things to go wrong — which can put employees and customers at risk. When you hire us for your remodel, you’ll get the experience and credentials you need to know the job is done with safety as a priority.

We are also known for our teamwork with architects, designers, and other contractors. We’ll follow their blueprints, and when solicited, make suggestions for efficiency, cost savings, and aesthetics, so the project is a winner in the end. Of course, our knowledge of the building code makes life easier for the team as well.

What else do we bring to your project?









Types of Projects We Work On

We have worked on a wide range of remodeling projects. Our tasks typically fall into one of three categories. On any given project, we may perform all three of these types of jobs.

Electrical Upgrades

Depending on your project, you may need small updates, or you may desire a soup-to-nuts overhaul. We can accommodate whatever spectrum of change you need. Some of the projects we do include:


Restaurants, commercial kitchens, and appliance installation


Bathroom and public restroom upgrades


Improvements in retail, industrial, and office spaces


Lighting design and fixture installation


Power and backup generator installation


Often, before installing new features, rewiring is necessary. This occurs most frequently in older properties to bring them up to code and make them safer. However, we also perform rewiring jobs to accommodate new technology that wasn’t around when the building was constructed, such as IT, entertainment, and security systems. We also replace and upgrade electrical panels for safety and convenience.

Safety Inspections

Whether you’re comparing several properties for purchase or upgrading a recent acquisition, we can help you assess the electrical system. We’ll make suggestions for “must do” and “nice to do” updates, so you can see what works with your project budget. And if you’re remodeling to sell a property, we can help you with the electrical work you need to pass inspection as well as to get the most out of your sale.

Call Us for Your Next Remodeling Project

Don’t risk problems with your remodel by trusting it to a less experienced or trustworthy electrician. Call Wade Electrical Group today at (940)465-8159, or use our online form to schedule a consultation. You’ll be thrilled when your project turns out better than you ever imagined.