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When you want an electrical contractor for commercial and residential projects, call Wade Electrical Group We promise experience, reliability, safety, and courtesy on every job.

Electrical Contractor for Commercial and Residential Projects


We welcome small troubleshooting projects that make life in your home easier. Do you have electrical outlets that aren’t working? Does your circuit breaker trip when you run your power tools in your garage? We will fix those issues for you.

Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of tightening connections or replacing old receptacles. Other times, you may need some wiring adjustments or separate circuits for high-demand items.

We can also help with:


Fixing malfunctioning lighting fixtures and ceiling fans


Replacing outlets and installing GFI outlets for safety


Installing dimmer switches


Hooking up appliances

Panel Upgrades

Sometimes, a panel upgrade is the best fix for nuisance electrical problems. We can create dedicated circuits for items that draw a lot of power, like appliances and workshop tools. This reduces flickering lights, insufficient amperage, circuit breakers repeatedly tripping, and having to unplug one device to use another.

Panel upgrades are often necessary to reduce the risk of overheating and fire. If you have a circuit breaker that keeps tripping or fails to trip but the power on that circuit goes out, it’s time for an update. You might also need a new panel if your electrical box is very old, if you’re adding outlets to your home, or if your panel has been recalled for safety reasons.


A remodel can feel like getting a new house. When you consult an electrical contractor from the start, you can plan better for your needs and make sure all the electrical items you use are accommodated. As electricians, we also assist with planning lighting design and appliance selection.

We work with homeowners and general contractors to ensure the electrical components of the job are done safely, on time, and within the project budget.

Jobs we help with include:


Kitchen and bath makeovers


Family room additions


Finishing attics and lower levels


Updating bedrooms and living areas


Adding home backup generators


Wiring for security, fire suppression, and entertainment


Landscaping and outdoor lighting

Ground-Up Development

Just like with remodels, building a new home from the ground up will go more smoothly if an electrician is involved. We collaborate with all the various professionals involved in construction so the home’s wiring, lighting, appliances, and other elements come together perfectly in the end. We can assist with permits, underground electricity issues, and dealing with the utility company as well.

Commercial Electrical Contracting

Electrical Troubleshooting

We offer troubleshooting services for commercial properties. Whether you’re a landlord, property manager, or general contractor, let us assist you with electrical problems.

Our experts can get to the bottom of nuisances like loose connections, power loss, insufficient amperage, and not having enough receptacles. Sometimes a simple panel upgrade takes care of the issue. You may find this also improves safety and efficiency.

Electrical Work For Remodels

Our seasoned professionals have served as electrical contractors on many commercial remodels, including restaurant kitchens, office spaces, industrial buildings, and retail outlets. We assist with:


Rewiring and panel upgrades


Appliance and equipment hookup


Lighting design and installation


Outdoor, landscaping, and hardscaping elements


Code and inspection updates


Upgrades for technology, fire suppression, and security

Whether you’re doing a small makeover or a top-to-bottom renovation, we are the electricians who will deliver on time and on budget.

Underground Electrical

Underground electrical elements for commercial projects require an experienced electrical contractor. We handle adding and updating cables, underground communication elements, circuit tracing, security and fencing systems, and more. We are also experts when it comes to landscape lighting and parking lots.

Commercial Site Lighting

We provide site lighting for construction projects in progress and for area businesses. The right site lighting makes your job site safer for workers, thereby reducing accidents, delays, and workers comp claims. It also helps inhibit theft and vandalism.

Our expertise in parking lighting, electric car charging stations, and emergency lighting has helped many local businesses run more safely and efficiently. As well as permanent outdoor lighting, we can provide site-lighting for special events and seasonal requirements.

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