Panel Upgrades

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Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading or replacing your property’s electrical panel, you’ve come to the right place. As licensed electrical contractors, we’re seasoned with experience when it comes to panel upgrades. In fact, it’s one of the most frequent requests from our clients.


The Benefits  of Updating or Replacing an Electrical Panel

We work with homeowners and general contractors to ensure the electrical components of the job are done safely, on time, and within the project budget.


The number one reason many property owners choose to replace their panels is safety. Your electrical panel is there to protect you from excess current and other wiring issues in all the electrical circuits of your home. But a panel that is improperly installed, malfunctioning, outdated, or recalled may fail to do that.

The results can be devastating. Every year, there are thousands of electrical fires in the US, resulting in injuries, loss of life, and millions of dollars in property damage. Don’t put yourself or your loved ones at risk by leaving an improperly functioning electrical panel in place.

Signs that your electrical panel may need to be replaced for safety include:


It's on the list of government or manufacturer recalled panels


Smoke coming from the panel or electrical outlets


Frequent power outages or tripped breakers


Previous electrical fire


Charring or melting on the panel or electrical outlets


Insufficient amperage to run appliances or tools you need


Old or outdated panel


Many homes were built before the advent of the modern conveniences we have today. And their electrical panels simply weren’t made to distribute power the way you want it. While we’ve shifted to more energy-efficient major appliances, we’ve added more demand in the way of lighting, security, computers, entertainment systems, and small appliances. Is your panel up to the job?

Whether your updating your panel with the same amperage or choose to upgrade to a higher amperage Wade Electric Group has you covered. Your breakers won’t trip when running a few electronics on one circuit, and you’ll be able to use those larger tools you need for your home office or hobby. You can create dedicated circuits for high-demand items, so they’re not competing with other electrical devices.


Your building code, mortgage lender, or insurance company may insist you replace or upgrade your electrical panel for compliance reasons. We can help you make sure you’re not in violation of any laws or contracts regarding your electrical service.

We are happy to come to your home and inspect your panel to see if it meets the criteria for replacement or upgrading. We can also assess your home’s wiring to ensure it is safe for your use.


Upgrading your home’s electrical panel adds to its value. This is essential if you’re looking to refinance, sell, or rent the property. A small investment now can yield greater returns in the future.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re updating the electrical panel for your residence or replacing it entirely, you want the job done correctly, efficiently, and safely. This is not a DIY task or one for a local handyman who’s not a licensed electrician. We bring our qualifications and years of experience to every job, so you know it will be done to the highest standards.

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